Make Your Wellness Strategy Shine!


Why you should care about your team’s health

[notice]Did you know that unhealthy employees cost businesses $153 Billion in lost productivity?[1] In Canada alone, employees suffering from digestive issues cost $18B in health care costs and lost productivity in 2012 [2] [/notice]

Happy, healthy employees are a key part of any successful business. A wellness program shouldn’t just focus on absenteeism but also the employee’s ability to be ‘present’ and motivated when they are sitting at their desks and engaging with your customers!

Is your organization focusing on nutrition as a preventative health care strategy?

Good nutrition can directly impact our emotions and moods, and can no longer be ignored as a key preventative step for avoiding lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Nutritional education is an integral part of a wellness strategy for any company trying to compete in today’s market.  

Let’s make some wellness magic!

So you have a wellness budget and you’ve put together some initiatives for health and fitness. Some are moderately successful and some get crickets. What are you doing wrong?

The key to a successful wellness strategy is a clear vision, consistency and follow-through. I work with companies to do just that. 

Leave the heavy lifting to me. I work with your HR team to understand your employee demographic and create custom-tailored wellness solutions for your organization. We will co-create a long-term wellness strategy for your employees, setting specific and measurable metrics to track the success of the program on a quarterly basis.

I understand corporate culture and the challenges of change management. Having worked in the corporate environment for a decade, I get the nuances of how hard it is to engage employees in new initiatives. In my previous (corporate) life, I helped small and large organizations alike, plan and transition to new IT systems. I apply the same principles to ensure adoption of wellness programs.

The best part? My focus is ensuring enthusiastic engagement. When we start with happy, engaged employees as the end goal, the rest of the process becomes fun and painless as well!

Corporate Wellness Services

As part of an overarching wellness strategy (that we co-create), I utilize the one or more of the following services that fit with your needs:

  1. “Done for you” 1-year Wellness Strategy (a complete 1-year program, broken into 4 quarters and 4 wellness themes)
  2. Lunch ‘n Learns  and ½ day workshops (with or without food samples / demonstrations)
  3. Nutritionist “On-call” (office hours where your employees can meet with me one-on-one and ask health related questions)
  4. Monthly wellness newsletters
  5. On-site 4 or 8-week weight loss competitions
  6. On-site 10-day body transformation groups (see details here)
  7. One-on-one mini nutritional health check-ups (15 minutes / employee)

No More Boring Lectures!

‘Boring’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary! No one likes to be lectured on what you should or should not be eating. Let me energize your employees, get them moving and empower them with the knowledge they need to be healthier and more productive.

As an engaging speaker, I will motivate your audience to make healthier choices without sacrificing taste. I make my presentations interesting, engaging and fun for groups, injecting humour and audience interaction where possible.

Sample Topics:

  • Navigating the food court
  • Battle your caffeine and sugar cravings!
  • 10 way to lose weight without dieting
  • Beating the afternoon slump
  • Food labels 101
  • Beauty foods to banish aging (and which foods are aging you faster than you’d want to know!)
  • Menu planning for busy bees
  • Brain foods to boost your memory and mental health
  • What’s the deal with detoxing and why should I care?
  • Super foods 101: what are they? And how can I include them in my diet?

For details on pricing plans and for any questions send an email to

If you are not sure how to incorporate nutritional education into your organization, or aren’t convinced that it can rock your employees’ world, then book me in for a free 15-minute discovery session that will surely convince you!


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