Logo: upload your logo or chose from 200+ font for your custom logo!
Favicon: upload your favicon!

Colors & Background

Background: set your background color or upload your background image by panel.
Colors: set colors of text, titles, links!


Font: chose if you want to use google font, web safe font or cufon fonts. Choose from 200+ fonts!
Size: set size of titles, slogan and more by panel!


Chose from 4 different sliders! Or chose/upload a static image, if you don’t want a slideshow in your front page.

You can set the slider in each page, also in your blog page!

Page content

– Add content (text + images) in your editor to have a classic page.

– Add shortcodes (like columns or icon sections) to have a different layout for your page.

– In your front page turn on/off services section (you can choose how many sections and add text and images), portfolio section (to show your last projects, you can chose how many items), gallery images (to show your last images, you can chose how many photos) and blog news (to show your last articles, you can chose how many).

– Chose if you want a full width page (no sidebar), or if you want a left-sidebar or right-sidebar


– Chose how many widgetize areas you want.

– Chose which widgets you want to show!

– Chose if you want the copyright text align on right, or if you want text to the left and to the right. Add the shortcodes for your social icons!


– Testimonial page

– News page

– Gallery filterable page

– Two type of blog layout (big or small image)


– Six different types of portfolio! Also filterable portfolio!

Contact page

– Unlimited contact form

– Ajax control error

– Create your contact form with only 1 click!!