No More Dieting!

Weight loss can be a bitch. Seriously. That’s why I’ve put together a 10-day Body Transformation that is by-far the best way to kick-start your health journey. You will feel like a new person in 10 days AND a little lighter too. For some folks the 10-days is enough to get them back on track, and some need a little more hand-holding. Don’t worry! I have you covered with my weight management solutions that I have worked for me and numerous clients.

Going on diets is like being that hamster on a wheel. You keep trying to achieve that elusive target weight, but in the long run you don’t go anywhere and end up right back where you started. Most diets are based on flawed principles of calorie counting, fat or carbohydrate (or both) restriction and starving the body to lose weight in the short-term. They miss the basic fact that our bodies require certain set of nutrients to stay healthy and balanced. Starving the body of good fats or complex carbohydrates creates serious deficiencies over time and messes up our metabolism. It’s not about counting calories, it’s about counting nutrients! If you eat meals full of vitamins, minerals and the right proportions of fat, protein and carbs, your body will feel satisfied and your stomach full. Your metabolism will be balanced and you will have a lot more energy to work out and participate in your favourite activities.

Introducing the Nutrient Dense Program

healthy livingPut down those diet books and stop running from starches and grains like they are the plague! We are introducing the Nutrient Dense Program. This is not a diet, it is an educational program. This is a lifestyle program that teaches you the basics of nutritional science and makes you the specialist when it comes to your own body. We introduce you to a way of eating foods chock full of vitamins and minerals so that you stop craving all the wrong foods (like sugar and caffeine), and nourish your body with all the right foods it needs to thrive. Expect to lose inches and have lots of energy! Expect this program to change the way you approach food.

Our program covers the following topics:

  • Goal and intention setting
  • Creative awareness about your cravings
  • Eating the right foods to lose weight and keep it off
  • Why diets fail and the dangers of restrictive dieting
  • Battling your cravings effectively
  • The stress and weight connection

Join our Weight-Loss Group!

We run regular weight loss groups to help and support clients lose weight quickly, effectively and for good. The great thing about this program is that you won’t be in it alone. It will be run as a group program to ensure that you have our support and the support of your peers who are trying to achieve the same goals. Here is what’s included:

  • One-on-one intake with Kimi *
  • Review of the weekly food diary to keep you on track *
  • Weekly 15 minute check-ins *
  • An 8-week meal plan designed to jump-start your weight loss and help you THRIVE!
  • Lots of informative handouts about eating a Nutrient Dense diet
  • Bi-weekly online audio lessons
  • One-on-one email support during the week
  • Tons of recipes along the way
  • Unlimited support and encouragement along the way!

Start Date: TBD
Cost: $25/week, $200 for 8 weeks
DIY (ONLINE ONLY) Option: $60 only, includes all the goodies above except the one-on-one components (*)

Contact us if you have questions or sign-up right here!

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