Being diagnosed with a disease or health condition is like a punch in the stomach. It shakes to you your core. It makes you take a cold, hard look at your lifestyle. It’s a wake up call that leads most people to attempt a change in their lifestyle. Inevitably, after months of being on medication and failed attempts at improving your lifestyle, they simply give up. Changing your lifestyle can be hard when you don’t have the right information and support.

It’s not until they have to go back to see their doctor when symptoms get exacerbated, only to find out they their situation has worsened or they have developed a related or secondary condition. I know this vicious cycle all too well. I have been through it myself and I have seen family members suffer the same way.

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

I’m here to tell you that I can hold your hand through the process of changing your diet, lifestyle and stress-levels to bring your body life back into balance. If you suffer from high blood pressure, then we can work together to create a sensible and sustainable meal plan that you can follow, along with supplements to naturally reduce your blood pressure and hypnotherapy to help you manage your stress levels moving forward.

Hypnotherapy: Healing from the Inside Out

Disease doesn’t happen overnight or in isolation. It happens over decades, caused by lifestyle decisions, stress, emotional traumas and our general environment

We can mix and match the nutritional consulting with hypnotherapy to bring both the body and the mind into balance. This combined approach has proved to be extremely successful in helping my clients resolve deep-seated emotional issues that could have been the seeds of their physical symptoms. For example, it is not enough to get someone with diabetes to switch to a healthy diet, but also to stop them from emotional eating when they are stressed or depressed.

Hire the Health Detective!

I have helped clients with ailments ranging from irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers and PMS to diabetes and liver disease. When we work one-on-one, I look at all of your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle factors to create a detailed protocol that included meal plans, natural herbs and supplements and mind/body recommendations. Think of me as your “health detective”. I am not interested in giving you a temporary quick fix. We want to get to the root causes and deal with those stubborn health issues.

One-on-one Nutritional Counselling is right for you if:

  • You have certain health conditions or diseases that have plagued you for a long time
  • Conventional medicine has not been effective for you
  • You are ready to heal your body through whole foods and natural remedies
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Step 1: You 101

Whether you are trying to drop those stubborn pounds, want to rid yourself of allergies or fix your digestive issues, I will spend ample time with you to identify your goals and set you up for success. I’ll analyze your current diet and lifestyle to connect the dots with your symptoms and health concerns.

Step 2: Custom-made Health Blueprint

Menu Planner

Each one of us is an individual, with our own unique nutritional needs and physiological makeup. I work with you to design a program that is made just for you, based on your favorite foods, lifestyle, allergies, activity level, goals and health concerns. There’s no copy-pasting going on here!

We will focus on a few key shifts in your diet to yield the most amount of benefit, to help reach your goals.

What I ask in return in a commitment to your health. I want to be your coach and cheerleader, helping you lay the foundation for long lasting positive change in your diet and lifestyle, slowly becoming independent over time. I don’t want you to be my client forever. That means I have failed at my job of making you the expert on your well-being!

Step 3: The Follow-Through

I strongly believe in the power of consistent encouragement and follow-ups. Studies have proven that individuals are more likely to stick to a new habit if they have someone they are accountable too. Once we agree on a plan together, I will check-in with you regularly, help remove obstacles and cheer you on each step of the way.

  • Are you working crazy hours on a deadline and skipping meals as a result? I will guide you on how to snack smart on-the-go.
  • Going on vacation to an all-inclusive resort? Shoot me an email and I will send some tips on navigating the resort buffets.

I will help you overcome common obstacles that all of us face when trying to make a change to our lifestyle. I get that it’s hard to break old habits and form new ones, so I work with you during each step of the program to adjust the plan based on your real life circumstances.

Ready? Get, Set, Go!

If you are ready to start taking small, measurable and effective steps towards a healthier you, drop me a note. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Not sure if nutritional consulting is for you?

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